About Us

Vallarta Factory

We are a family owned business with over 20 years of combined experience in the Chocolate, Coffee, and the Cigar making industry. We pride ourselves in not only sustaining the quality of our artisan hand made products but mostly for our constant devotion towards pampering our guests here at “the Factory.”  Please view our photo gallery or click on any of our videos so that you can appreciate the full process as to how any of our products are made.



Our mission here at the Factory is to offer a unique experience of quality artisan handmade products, while creating a friendly atmosphere so that our visitors can kick back relax and enjoy the pleasures of trying some of the best Mexican Artisan Craftsmanship here in Puerto Vallarta.



To become leaders in the Boutique Artisan Industry in Mexico, by constantly improving every aspect of the world in which we live in:


By letting people know about our products and the importance of buying products that are Organic or Rain Forest Certified.


By making sure that all of our suppliers/producers use strict standards of quality control and use methods that are 100% organic or environmentally friendly.


By making sure that our clients try our products and know about our family’s passion for making excellent Artisan Products.