The Vallarta Cigar Factory Rocks! In a world of constant corporate downsizing and a total abandonment of service, these people bring back the old school tradition of customer service and product. It’s awesome to walk in and see people actually rolling cigars, to be able to walk around in their large humidor and to converse with real cigar people. Where else can you do this? I started smoking VCF cigars about 5 years ago and it’s a daily smoke for me! I’ve actually planned trips to Mexico knowing i needed to restock on cigars. Owner Oliver Applegate Torres and Marketing Manager Pancho Seaney have gone to great lengths to make sure I get my cigars and are a pleasure to do business with. Last time I flew into Puerto Vallarta, Pancho was waiting for me at the airport with my cigars!!

These cigars are really good, I had no idea about Veracruz tobacco prior to going to VCF. It’s smooth, flavorful and consistent! The cigar is delicious from start to finish, If you have not been to the store, do yourself a favor and go. It’s also a fantastic location.

Gregory Thomas Crotty. Park City, Utah

Awesome Cigars – I have been smoking them for years!!
Wish I had one right now!

Phill Hallmark, Texas

Vallarta Factory is just one of those small places you fall in love right away. I was visiting the local flea market with my wife  when I saw the shop right across the street.  I went ahead and left her do her shopping on her own (I was ready for a break!) and I stepped into Vallarta Factory. Oh boy, what a treat! I truly had the best mojito, the variety of cigars was excellent, I even got to see how they make them!! Finally when my wife caught up, we decided to stay for lunch at the terrace… Was she glad to be there!… We had ice cold beer, delicious meal, and it was there where Kelly found presents to bring back (Excellent organic coffee and delicious handmade Chocolate)

If you are in Puerto Vallarta  I highly recommend you stop by.

Jim F., Seattle, Washington. United States

I consider myself a true ‘cigar aficionado’, and I can only say this place is a real jewel. I feel like a child at a candy store. Staff is great and very knowledgable. It shows right away that these guys know what they are talking about. They showed me their catalogue and I was pretty impressed. Their blends are top of the line. I will certainly go back on my next visit.

Thank you guys for the great service. Hope to see you soon!!!

David G., Boston, Massachusetts. United States

Every autumn or winter we spend a couple of months in Puerto Vallarta and we stay downtown, so Vallarta Factory is one of our favourite spots. We have  lunch there at least twice a week. I  love their tuna fish salad, they just get it right every single time. Watching the World Series at Vallarta Factory  has become a classic for Richard when we are there in October. He brings back delicious chocolate, so I’m ok with it! 😉

Sarah R., Toronto, Ontario. Canada